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Nikkei Progressives is a multi-generational community organization established after November 2016 in response to the Trump Administration’s expected attacks on civil liberties and the need to offer support and resistance. We’re made up of individuals continuing the legacy of redress and NCRR’s support of other communities and who care about Little Tokyo and issues of justice and fairness in the Japanese American community.


Rooted in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, Nikkei Progressives carries on the values and principles of earlier groups, like the Little Tokyo Peoples Rights Organization (LTPRO) that worked to preserve Little Tokyo during 1970s City redevelopment and Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR) that led the grassroots struggle for Redress and Reparation and supported Muslims following 9/11. Many of us are also members of Sustainable Little Tokyo (SLT) and work to promote community control in the face of growing gentrification.


We are a grassroots, volunteer-based group that stands for immigrant rights, Muslims, and Little Tokyo and Japanese American issues. We believe in bridges, not walls and solidarity, not registries and travel bans. We believe families belong together, children must be reunited with their parents, and migrants and asylum seekers deserve safety and freedom from violence and modern day prison camps. We believe Little Tokyo is the heart of the Southern California Japanese American community. Its 135-year history, culture, values, legacy businesses, and community institutions must be protected for future generations.   


  • Organize Little Tokyo vigils, rallies and contingents for L.A. marches

  • Support Muslims through Vigilant Love Iftars and “Listening Sessions”

  • Published joint statements with Bay Area group, Nikkei Resisters condemning child and family detention and

  • Founding member of NeverAgainIsNow?# Nationwide Call to Action to mobilize the Japanese American community to end detention centers, deportations and family separation

  • Raise awareness and collect petition signatures for community control of Little Tokyo’s First Street North site

  • Support annual API Student Activist Training (SAT)

  • Conduct ongoing NP member education on topics such as, Immigration, LGBTQ, Silence, and Keiro.

  • Hold intergenerational gatherings to pass on lessons from Redress and Little Tokyo redevelopment struggles


While we’ve experienced immigrant bashing, suspicion, and mass incarceration, we also have a legacy of progressive activism. We organized labor unions, rallied against racist laws, and published working class newspapers. We resisted the military draft from behind barbed wire and fought for our civil liberties all the way to the Supreme Court. We lead the Asian American movement, established Ethnic Studies, marched against U.S. imperialism and won Little Tokyo redevelopment struggles. We stood up for farm workers in the Central Valley, Native Americans in Big Mountain, Wyoming, and the Burakumin in Japan. We supported the Anti Apartheid movement, African American Reparations, affirmative action, and more.

Most importantly, we held the US government accountable for its crimes by waging a 10-year struggle for Redress and Reparations. Our victory comes with the responsibility to speak out today for separated families and against modern day incarceration camps, travel bans, and all forms of hatred. Our historical experiences allow us to uniquely critique and mobilize against these policies.

Japanese America, America needs you. Today, we have a role to play in turning America around and towards a more just and equitable future.

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